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Fernando Vazquez

Industrial Design
Fly-fishing wading gear

CLO 3-D Modeling for softgoods and wearables

A project focused on the development of fly-fishing wearables through the use of CLO-3D software. The process involves apparel construction research, sketch ideation and pattern understanding in order to translate ideas into the 3-D modeling software. Ultimately, renders are also processed in CLO-3D with Adobe Substance assets. 

midtermfulloutfit copy 2.png
Salomon Wingman

Footwear/ biomechanics/ concept development / ZBrush modeling.

The Salomon Wingman is a footwear concept influenced by parametric architecture. The project also dives into fundamental biomechanics studies.

This project reflects my design process and research.

Salomon Wingman

3D modeling:

SolidWorks surfacing.

Sci-fi concept development

Glider is a conceptual spacecraft design meant to be sent to Titan, one of Saturn's moons. Its job is to study climate as Titan has the potential to be habitable by humans. 

The design process involved some research on scientific papers, sketch ideations, SolidWorks surfacing and Keyshot rendering.

NASA Glider

Form Study & Storytelling

A project focused on how to develop form and storytelling when designing a product. 

The design process aims to pinpoint and communicate key values that might establish a connection between user and product.

Future Synthesis
Future Synthesis

CLO-3D/ Concept development/ Sustaunability

Showcasing the application of innovative materials that possess potential in the sustainable fashion field. This project aims to introduce people to the uprising subject of sustainable fashion through the use of 3-D modeled garments. Materials are simulated through the use of Adobe Substance. Garments are modeled in CLO-3D and ideally, the concepts will be presented within the metaverse community.

(This project is in the works, preview is available for viewing)

PanAm final-01.jpg
Pan America
Harley-Davidson Pan America 2033

Power Sports/ E-mobility/ 3-D modeling/ trend research

With the rapidly growing interest for electric mobility, this project aims to forecast current trends in order to understand what the actual Harley-Davidson Pan America could look like in the year of 2033.  The concept unfurls around the idea of adventuring outdoors, specially with the overlanding lifestyle.

*Project not sponsored, paid for or affiliated to Harley-Davidson*

(This project is in the works, preview is available for viewing)

Grand Park_Fernando_Vazquez_Page_01.jpg
Reframing Grand Park, DTLA.

Environmental design/ sustainability/ social & environmental justice.

Refaming Grand Park

A team project focused in ongoing environmental and social injustices in Southern California. The aim of the project is to protect the now-endangered White Sage specimen in California. After extensive research, our team found it optimal to support the "Save the White Sage" campaign by reintroducing native plants to urban landscapes while also educating the local communities about the importance of such environments. This project has been closely supervised by members representing local indigenous communities.

*Project is still in the works, supervised by Meztli Projects and  expected to be proposed to the City of Los Angeles once the concept is finalized*

Arby's sponsored Footwear project

Footwear/ concept development/ branding/ biomechanics/ 3-D modeling

A footwear design project sponsored by Arby's. This project aims so tackle several pain-points that Arby's employees may face on a daily basis at the workplace. From 

biomechanics to branding and storytelling, this concept was flushed out after extensive research along with professional consulting. 


Other professional experience:
Mocu logo.jpeg

Mocu Design (consultancy)


Dansk Logo White.webp


Content under NDA.


Nexa 3D

Content under NDA.



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